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What is Texas Rebel Radio?

Hidden away in the in the quiet hills of Texas is the birthplace of Country, Texas, Rockn' Blues - Texas Rebel Radio. It is radio that never existed before its creation. Radio that broke all the rules. Radio untamed and uninfluenced by all the corporations. It is a radio format that duplicated the way people listen to their own music.

Radio with choice, for the listeners, the deejays, the musicians, the singer / songwriters, the advertisers, and for us. Radio with no charts to rule it. Creating its own charts, first Americana then Triple A. No one, no other radio station, no other program director, no other company, no chart, no other person could really duplicate what has been created here at Texas Rebel Radio Network. It is in the heart mind and soul of true Texans.

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Country, Texas, Rockn' Blues

Just like Texas was once it's own country, Texas music is its own genre. 

Texas music...you can hear it... and the sounds are as varied as the colors of the Texas wildflowers.

Texas music...you can see it... and the sights are as panoramic as the Texas landscape itself.

Texas music...you can feel it... and the feelings are as strong and deep as the currents of the Guadalupe River.

Texas music...you can taste it... and all the spice and flavor of a Texas barbecue can't compare.

Texas music...you can even smell it... in the little honky tonks, dance halls and back room recording studios scattered across the state.

Texas music has a life of it's own that encompasses such a multitude and diversity of people and talent that it is beyond mere labels.

That is Texas Music... That is TEXAS REBEL RADIO

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FM 107.9 Live

On Air

Songwriters Across Texas

Hosted by Karl Anderson
Schedule Mondays @ 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Indie Americana Songwriter Show

Hosted by Beth Williams
Schedule Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Outsider Songwriters Spotlight Series

Schedule Thursdays @ 7:00pm & Sundays @ 4:00pm

Blues Deluxe

Schedule Fridays @ 7:00pm

Some Time with Charlotte

HOSTED BY Charlotte
Schedule Saturdays @ 8:00pm

Texas Farm Bureau Roundup

Schedule Sundays @ 6:45am

Red Steagall’s Cowboy Corner

HOSTED BY Red Steagall
Schedule Sundays @ 6:00pm

Jazz Traxx

Schedule Sundays @ 10:00pm

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